Message from Instructors

Dear Participants,

We are so excited that you will be attending the one-day Child Passenger Safety class. In order to get the most out of the class we have a few things that we would like to share with you in advance:

  1. Please bring a writing instrument to class.
  2. Dress comfortably. You will be climbing in and out of vehicles when we do the hands-on/installation portion of the class.
  3. No open-toed shoes. Again, we will be climbing in and out of vehicles and we do not want you to injure yourself. Tennis shoes or similar are the best option.
  4. Bring a jacket to class. Often the rooms are cool and we do not have control of the thermostat. You can always take the jacket off if it gets too warm.
  5. We must use your vehicles for the hands-on/installation portion of the class. The more vehicles we have the faster this portion of the class moves. Please be prepared to allow us to use your vehicle.
  6. Plan to have your cell phone/blackberry turned off during class. No texting or answering phones is allowed in the classroom. If you must take calls, we ask that you step out of the classroom. Please plan your calls around breaks and lunch as there is a great deal of “must know” material covered in this class.
  7. Plan to be in class times 9:30am-4:00pm with a 30 minute break for lunch, lunch will be provided usually pizza or box lunches, no dietary requests will be accommodated, so plan to bring your lunch if you have dietary accommodations. You must attend the entire class to get your certificate. You may not leave early.
  8. Please come with an open mind. We know that many of you are told that you must come to this class. We get lots of positive feed-back from the classes and the majority comment on how much they enjoyed the class, how much they learned and how happy they are they got to attend.
  9. Remember we are helping to save a child from injury at the least, but in many cases we save children’s lives.


Safe Kids Oklahoma CPS Instructors