Consumer Directed Agent CD-PASS Service Option

What is it about?

This one-day training provides information about the steps and processes for smoothly transitioning and maintaining an ADvantage Member on the CD-PASS service option. Training topics include:

  • Introduction and Eligibility
  • CD-PASS System Roles
  • Member/Employer Responsibilities
  • CDA/CM Core Responsibilities
  • Introduction into the Employer and Employee packets
  • The enrollment process for the CD-PASS service option
  • Budgeting Process (IBA Worksheet)
  • Member Optional Expense Accounts
  • Monitoring CD-PASS services

Who should attend?

Registration for this training is open to all active Case Managers and Case Management Supervisors.

Why should I attend?

CD-PASS is available to every ADvantage Member. ADvantage certified Case Managers are required to become certified in the CD-PASS service option by successfully completing Consumer Directed Agent training prior to providing Case Management services to CD-PASS Members. Each agency must also have at least one Case Manager Supervisor that has completed CDA training, in order to serve any CD-PASS Members.

Scheduled Events

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

CD-PASS Training

9:00am to 4:30pm Zoom Meeting (Virtual)