MSU Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Manager Professional Development

What is it about?

This CQI Manager Professional Development is a series of ongoing virtual sessions focused on the sharing of information and ideas for the development and improvement as well as consistency of quality of service delivery to the ADvantage Program Members by equipping each Provider agency CQI Manager with the tools and skills to perform excellences quality assurance. The virtual sessions will focus on topics to include:

  • CQI Manager Role and Responsibilities
  • Management of Provider CQI Plan
  • Professional Development of Provider Personnel
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Processes and Performance
  • Process Improvement Strategies
  • Person-Centered Thinking, Effective Communication, Effectual Teamwork

Who Should Attend?

The designated CQI Manager (or their Backup CQI Manager) for each Provider agency delivering direct care services to Members is required to attend each CQI Manager Professional Development virtual session. These Provider types include case management, home care, assisted living, adult day health, and hospice. Provider agency administrators such as owners, directors, Case Manager Supervisors, and Directors of Nursing are also welcome to attend as virtual space is available.

Why should I attend?

As the Provider agency CQI Manager it is your responsibility to lead your agency in continuous quality improvement. Subsequently, that makes you a piece of the whole driving the ADvantage Program forward toward continuous quality improvement. These professional development sessions will be focused on providing the tools and skills as well as developing networking between Providers toward meeting our goals. Furthermore, effective January 1st, 2021, it became mandatory for every case management, home care, assisted living, adult day health, and hospice Provider to have a designated CQI Manager. CQI Manager participation in these Professional Development sessions is required for their Provider agency to remain on referral.

Scheduled Events

There are currently no events scheduled for this program.